Best Surrogacy Centre in Bihar

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Best Surrogacy centre in Bihar

For the past 20 years, Next Baby Centre, Best surrogacy centre in Bihar  has been successfully completing families all over the world. Despite countless reproductive treatments, hundreds of injections, and other invasive procedures, millions of couples globally are unable to conceive. For such couples who have exhausted all other options and are still unable to conceive, surrogacy offers a glimmer of hope. Being, we at Next Baby clinic are aware that a couple chooses surrogacy only after exhausting all other options for conception and failing miserably.  As a result, we care for our patients as though they were our own loved ones, supporting and consoling them along the way, holding their hand at every turn.

Only benevolent surrogates—women who are prepared to assist you without expecting payment—are permitted to use Indian passport holders and people of Indian descent (OCI Card holders & NRIs) under the country’s recently passed surrogacy law. The Guaranteed surrogacy Centre in Bihar, Next Baby facility, offers a sizable pool of pre-screened surrogate moms who are prepared to assist you in starting a household. We provide a guaranteed surrogacy in Bihar that includes limitless efforts till your precious baby is born. The legal aspects of the process are handled by our legal assistance staff. Best Surrogacy Centre in Bihar

For a free legal consultation or to find out if you qualify for surrogacy, call +917840012114 right now.


What Makes Next Baby Centre the Best Option?

  1. Live birth programmes guaranteed with a 100% success rate
  2. Cutting Edge Clinics
  3. Skilled clinical group
  4. Openness in the therapeutic and financial domains
  5. Full legal assistance up until the court issues a custody and/or paternity order.
  6. Full documentation assistance up until delivery
  7. Our staff arranges the birth certificate.
  8. The largest pool of elite egg donors from which to select your perfect match
  9. The pool of surrogate mothers in the best health who are prepared to transfer embryos. Guaranteed Surrogacy Centre in Bihar
  10. Help with papers and visas for OCI and NRI couples to guarantee a smooth infant leaving process.

Surrogacy in Bihar

Modern labs, internationally recognised experts, cutting edge technology, most affordable prices, well-appointed surrogate residences, and easy access to top-notch healthcare facilities are all found in Bihar. Bihar is now the centre for surrogacy, with Next Baby Centre being the premier Surrogacy in Bihar.

As the top surrogacy Centre in Bihar, our clinic is clean and free of COVID for your safety. No guests are permitted within the surrogate home facilities in order to protect the surrogates. Best Surrogacy Centre in Bihar There can never be more than two couples in the waiting area at once due to the risk of infection.

Cost of Surrogacy in Bihar

Depending on the programme you select, the cost of surrogacy in Bihar might range from Rs. 4 lakhs to Rs. 16 lakhs. We will also take care of it if the intended parents do not have a surrogate mother. Surrogacy Cost in Bihar A sizable pool of pre-screened surrogates is available at Next Baby Centre, ready to assist the intended parents. To guarantee a seamless course of treatment, we provide the cost breakdown at the outset of the procedure along with timelines.

Give us a call at +917840012114 to find out your specific package.

Let’s see why are you spending lakhs of rupees in Surrogacy:

1) Our Guaranteed Surrogacy Package: We grant you an infinite number of chances until your happy little one is born. Guaranteed Surrogacy Centre in Bihar For the same price, we repeat the procedure for you even if there is a miscarriage in between. For this reason, we provide programmes that are assured to have the lowest surrogacy costs in Delhi.

2) Egg Donor Screening and Compensation: Next Baby Centre offers a very well-thought-out donor acquisition criterion with age, egg reserve, and other aspects included. As a result, we carefully select egg donors based on the prospective parents’ preferences. Guaranteed Surrogacy Centre in Bihar The intending parents must, however, provide a 6-month medical insurance policy for the egg donor in accordance with the recently passed surrogacy law.

3) Ovarian Stimulation of Egg Donor: Follicle development is induced by FSH hormones, and the development is tracked with transvaginal scans.

4) The in vitro fertilisation (IVF) process includes blastocyst culture.


5) Surrogate Mother Screening and Selection: The most suitable applicant is selected following physical and psychological evaluations.

6) The top surrogacy centre in Bihar is Embryo Transfer. Grade A blastocysts to increase ovulation prospects. Best Surrogacy Centre in Bihar

7) Medical examinations and the surrogate mother’s care The costs can change based on what is required. Among the costs are:

  • Routine antenatal check-ups
  • Surrogate home charges
  • Nutritional needs special diet
  • Additional help or nurse for the surrogate mother
  • Medications and supplements
  • Maternity attire
  • Antenatal care

8) Surrogate Mother’s Insurance: The new surrogacy law requires the intended parents to provide the surrogate mother with a three-year medical insurance policy.

9) Uterine Stimulation of the Surrogate Mother: Injections and medications are used to prepare the uterine lining, which is then observed by transvaginal scans.

10) Surrogacy Agreement & Legal Formalities Cost – Surrogacy is a labor-intensive legal process. At Next Baby Centre, we offer all of the legal services required for surrogacy. You may be confident that you won’t need to bother about any paperwork or legal guidance. All of these services will be rendered by our legal advisors:

  • Firstly, negotiation of contracts 
  • Secondly, making the parties aware about their rights and liabilities
  • And lastly, all the legal documentation between the surrogate mother and the intended parents.

11) Expenses for Medical procedures and delivery

  • Egg or sperm donor, and the medical process involved like surgical sperm retrieval etc.
  • Caesarean or normal delivery
  • And also, multiple IVF cycle program as we provide guaranteed plan

Why Should You Choose Next Baby Centre for the Guaranteed Surrogacy in Bihar?

Best Surrogacy Centre in Bihar

Surrogacy is still a somewhat difficult procedure. Guaranteed Surrogacy Centre in Bihar Consequently, we at Next Baby Centre promise to provide you with a complete package of medical consultation, treatments, and surrogate mother placement. In addition, regular examinations, legal advice, and supporting documentation are all part of our Guaranteed Surrogacy Programme.

Because we think that everyone should be able to become a parent, we customise our programmes for egg and surrogacy donors to meet your needs. Surrogacy Cost in Bihar With a higher success rate for bringing home a baby, our surrogacy clinics and experienced staff are the most successful surrogacy platform. They offer the support you need to ensure a seamless and successful journey.

We provide all surrogacy and egg donation services for our patients as a full-service surrogacy and egg donation clinic in Delhi and the National Capital Region. This entails planning the trip, Guaranteed Surrogacy Centre in Bihar offering assistance with accounting and legal matters, and helping to make sure that you and your child arrive home safely. As a result, Next Baby Centre offers top-notch services. With a low multiple birth ratio and a high IVF success rate, it is the best surrogate Centre in India.

Please contact us by phone at +917840012114 or by email at if you need any additional help.



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