Surrogacy Cost in Delhi

Surrogacy Cost in India

The cost of surrogacy can vary widely depending on various factors, including the location, the type of surrogacy (gestational or traditional), the surrogacy Cost in Delhi agency or clinic chosen, and the specific services included in the surrogacy arrangement. It’s essential to be aware of the potential expenses associated with surrogacy:

  1. Agency Fees: If you choose to work with a surrogacy agency, you will typically pay agency fees, which cover services like surrogate matching, screening, legal coordination, and support throughout the process. Surrogacy Cost in Delhi.

  2. Legal Fees: Legal expenses involve drafting and reviewing contracts between the intended parents and the surrogate, as well as securing parental rights and completing the necessary legal proceedings. Surrogacy Cost in Delhi.

  3. Surrogate Compensation: Surrogates are compensated for their time, effort, and the physical demands of carrying a pregnancy. Compensation varies but typically includes a base fee and additional payments for specific circumstances, such as multiple pregnancies or invasive medical procedures. Surrogacy Cost in Delhi.

  4. Medical Expenses: This includes the cost of fertility treatments (e.g., in vitro fertilization), prenatal care, delivery, and any necessary medical procedures during the pregnancy surrogacy Cost in Delhi.

  5. Insurance: Health insurance for the surrogate, as well as additional insurance to cover any complications, may be required. These expenses can vary depending on the surrogate’s existing coverage and state laws.

  6. Psychological and Emotional Support: Counselling and support services for the surrogate and intended parents are important aspects of the surrogacy process and may have associated costs.

  7. Egg or Sperm Donation: If you are using donated eggs or sperm, you’ll need to consider the costs of the donation process. surrogacy Cost in Delhi.

  8. Travel and Accommodation: Depending on the location of the surrogate, you may need to budget for travel expenses for medical appointments, surrogate visits, and the birth.

  9. Screening and Testing: Both the surrogate and the intended parents may require various medical and psychological assessments, which can incur additional costs.

  10. Miscellaneous Expenses: These may include administrative fees, unforeseen medical expenses, and other miscellaneous costs that can arise during the surrogacy process.

It’s important to note that the total cost of surrogacy can be substantial, often ranging from $70,000 to $150,000 or more, depending on the factors mentioned above. Costs may also vary by country, as surrogacy is regulated differently worldwide. It’s crucial to have a detailed and transparent financial agreement in place, outlining all expenses and how they will be managed. Surrogacy Cost in Delhi.

Intended parents should budget carefully and be prepared for unexpected expenses that can arise during the surrogacy journey. Consulting with surrogacy agencies, legal experts, and fertility clinics can help you better understand the costs involved in your specific surrogacy arrangement and develop a comprehensive financial plan.

The cost of surrogacy in India can vary widely depending on several factors, but generally ranges between ₹10 lakhs and ₹25 lakhs. This estimate covers the surrogate mother’s compensation, medical expenses, legal fees, and agency charges. Let’s break down the key components:

Surrogate mother compensation: This is the biggest chunk of the cost, ranging from ₹6 lakhs to ₹12 lakhs. The amount is negotiated between the intended parents and the surrogate and depends on her education, experience, and location.

Medical expenses: These can include:

  • Fertility treatment for intended parents: ₹1-2 lakhs for ovulation induction, IUI, or IVF.
  • Prenatal care for the surrogate: ₹50,000-₹1 lakh for regular checkups, ultrasounds, and tests.
  • Delivery expenses: ₹50,000-₹1 lakh for hospital stay, medication, and delivery charges.

Legal fees: Hiring a lawyer to navigate the legalities of surrogacy can cost around ₹50,000-₹1 lakh.

Agency charges: If you use a surrogacy agency, expect to pay fees ranging from 10-20% of the total cost. Surrogacy Cost in Delhi.

Additional costs: There might be other expenses like travel, insurance, and living costs for the surrogate, which can vary depending on individual circumstances.

Here are some factors that can influence the cost:


  • Type of surrogacy: Traditional surrogacy (where the surrogate is also the biological mother) is generally cheaper than gestational surrogacy (where the surrogate carries an embryo created with the intended parents’ eggs and sperm).
  • Experience of the surrogate: First-time surrogates may charge less than experienced ones.
  • Location: Costs can be higher in metros compared to smaller cities.
  • Type of medical care: Choosing premium hospitals or opting for advanced fertility treatments can increase the cost. Surrogacy Cost in Delhi






surrogacy cost in delhi
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